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Note: Users of Mindersoft's MYStuff Pro macOS app, please see this note.


It's now easier than ever to keep track of all your stuff. Organize your collections, music, movies, books, video games, electronics, wine lists, appliances, office supplies, or anything else in your possession with this easy to use but powerful application.

MyStuff2 Pro allows you to get organized. Avoid buying something you already have. Make it easy to find your stuff. Be prepared in case of theft, fire, or flood.

Data entry is made easy with barcode scanning and product search, autofill, quick copy, and bulk editing. Automatically sync your data across all of your devices and/or with other users.

User definable categories allow you to keep track of what you want and how you want it. MyStuff2 Pro comes with sample categories to get you started quickly but you can set it up any way you desire to fit your needs.

MyStuff2 Pro is a universal application meaning it runs on your iOS and macOS (Apple silicon and Intel) devices with a single purchase. No need to buy a separate version for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

MyStuff2 Pro is initially a free app to allow you to fully test all of the functionality. This gives you a great chance to try out the application risk free before purchasing. While in the initial free mode, you have access to all of the Pro level features but you are limited to entering only 15 items. Using in-app purchases within the app, you can choose to purchase the full Pro set of features at once or you can choose to purchase an upgrade that eliminates the limit on data entry. If this latter option is chosen, the remaining trial Pro features are removed and they become individual upgrades you can purchase at any time in the future.

On App Store MyStuff2 Pro 8.7.1 is available now on the App Store for iOS and macOS.



Featured by Kim Komando.

Reviewed in The Washington Post.

Featured on AppAdvice

Featured in the Apple App Store as a New & Noteworthy iPad Productivity app.

Featured in the Apple App Store as a New & Noteworthy iPhone Productivity app.


Quotes from real customers

It's probably the single most used, most useful, and most valuable app on my iPhone/iPad. It was worth every penny.

I'm writing to thank you for MyStuff2. Having wasted time and money on apps that don't do what they promise or do it very badly I finally found MyStuff2. A fantastic app at a give away price. I find your app very powerful and yet easy to use, with an elegant interface.

I love your App and have referred it to the rest of my family and friends.

Everything I ever wanted in [an] Inventory program

Best inventory app! Nothing comes close

Thank you for developing such an outstanding inventory app.

... MyStuff2 is the reason I bought an iPad

Awesome app for organzing your collections

Tons of features, clean, easy to use. Great app.

I love, love this app!!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, you just added another reason to love this app.

I wanted to thank you for this application. It's very useful and user friendly. Also very stable and reliable.



MyStuff2 Pro starts off free so you can try out all of the features but you are limited on the amount of data you can enter. Note that all of these upgrades can be shared through Family Sharing.

Initially you can purchase one of two upgrades:

Pro Level
This upgrade gives you all other upgrades other than "Remove Branding". This is a quick, one-time upgrade that gives you the full feature set.
Unrestricted Items
This upgrade removes the limit on the amount of data you can enter. It also removes the trial access to the Pro level features.

Beyond the initial upgrade to one of the two above, the following are the other possible upgrades:

Multiple Databases (Included in Pro level)
This upgrade gives you the ability to create more than one database. Each database is independent of other databases and each has its own set of categories, locations, actions, and items.
Import/Export Excel and Open Document spreadsheets (Included in Pro level)
This upgrade gives you the ability to import or export Excel (.xlsx) and Open Document (.ods) spreadsheets.
Custom Color Schemes (Included in Pro level) (not usable on a Mac)
This upgrade gives you the ability to create and use your own custom color schemes for MyStuff2 Pro.
Remove MyStuff2 Branding from Exports
This upgrade removes all references to MyStuff2 on data exported via email and from PDF reports.



Send in your suggestions for more features using the Support links below.


Here is a small list of things you can keep track of:

MyStuff2 is fully customizable. You can define the categories and the data you wish to keep track of.

Data entry is made easy with barcode scanning and product search, autofill, quick copy, and bulk editing.

Data can be automatically synced across your devices as well as with other users.

Import existing data from other applications using CSV files, Excel (xlsx) spreadsheets, or Open Document (ods) spreadsheets. (spreadsheets are a premium feature).

You can export your data from MyStuff2 as email reports, CSV files, PDF reports, Excel spreadsheets, or Open Document spreadsheets. (spreadsheets are a premium feature).

Transfer data into or out of MyStuff2 using your own computer, other iOS/macOS devices (running MyStuff2), email, iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP servers, or other apps.

Generate PDF reports of your data.

Backup and restore features allow you to ensure you have a safe copy of your data.

Maintain multiple, independent databases. This allows you to track data for different people or split data between work and home. Each database can have its own passcode and color scheme. (premium)

Quickly find your items using MyStuff2's powerful filtering, searching, and sorting capabilities.

User defined actions allow you to keep track of various item events. Examples include donating, lending, selling, using, or repairing items.

Store up to 40 images for each of your items. Use existing images or take a photo with the built-in camera (if available). Import images from other sources or other apps.

Add file attachments to your items. Attachments can be viewed, emailed, exported, or printed.

Setup alarms on any date value. Great for things like warranty reminders.

Share your data with others. Email lists to co-workers or friends and family. Other users of MyStuff2 can import your shared data directly simply by opening the email attachment.

Customize item lists to display exactly the data you want to see. Apply colors to categories, actions, or individual items to make them stand out.

See a summary of the item list you are viewing. See counts, totals, averages, minimum, and maximum values.

Generate a report of your data viewable on your computer. Includes a print friendly version of your items.

Protect access to your data with a passcode. Keep others out of your data. The passcode feature functions much like the iOS passcode feature. You can also passcode protect individual categories.






MyStuff2 Pro has built-in context-sensitive help. Double tap/click any screen title to view help information related to that screen. You can view the same help information here.

FAQ / Tutorials

In addition to the help provided within MyStuff2 Pro, you can also find some tutorials on this website.


Privacy Policy

MyStuff2 and Maddysoft are strong believers in a user's privacy. No personal information is collected by MyStuff2. Whatever data you choose to enter into MyStuff2 is kept locally on your own iOS device. Maddysoft has no access to your data or any personal information unless you explicitly choose to share that information via email for the purposes of support. In such a case, only a single developer will ever see the shared data and information and only for the purpose of providing the requested support.

MyStuff2 may request access to your contacts, location, and photo library. This is only done to support a directly related action taken on the part of the user to provide that information to MyStuff2. None of this data is sent or collected beyond MyStuff2 unless at some point the user chooses to explicitly share their data beyond MyStuff2.

If you choose to setup MyStuff2 to sync your data with iCloud, data is encrypted on your own iOS device and a copy is stored in your iCloud account. If you choose to share a database with other users of MyStuff2 via iCloud, an encrypted copy is stored in iCloud and the other user has a copy of the data. That other user has full access to that data and can do what they wish.

MyStuff2 does allow you to share your data through various means to many other destinations such as other 3rd party cloud servers, other computers, other users, email, etc. None of this shared data is encrypted.



Please send an email to 'rmaddy@maddysoft.com' to leave feedback, ask questions, or report an issue.