The Item Display screen allows you to define how items will appear on the item list screen.



The top portion of the screen displays a sample item. As you change the title, subtitle, icon, and colors the sample item will show you how it will look.

Below the sample item is the Item Title section where you configure how the main line of text will appear. This is followed by the Item Subtitle section where you configure how the smaller line of text below the main text will appear. Both of these sections work the same. Attributes appear with their name in square brackets [ ]. Text appears in quotation marks. Links appear as vertical double headed arrows.

Next is the Icon and Default Item Colors section. This allows you to set the category icon and the item background, title, and subtitle colors.

The last section is the optional Conditional Colors section. Here you define colors that can be applied conditionally based on attribute values. For example, you can make an item's text appear red if its count gets below a certain value.



No changes are made until the Save button is tapped. If you decide you don't wish to keep any changes you have made then tap the Cancel button.

Title and Subtitle

The Item Title and Item Subtitle sections work the same. A line of text can consist of any combination of attribute values and text. Tap the Add button and select Add Attribute to select an attribute to add to the line. Tap the Add button and select Add Text to enter text to add to the line. You can reorder the line components by pressing and dragging the reorder handles on the right edge of the row you wish to move. To delete something tap the red circle icon to the left. Confirm the deletion by tapping the Delete button. Tap anywhere else to keep the component.

Please note that no spaces are added between the selected attributes and text. If you want a space to appear then you must include the space in the text.

There will be cases where the text you add should only appear if an associated attribute has a value. To make this work you need to link the text to the attribute. Tap the Add button and select Add Link to add a link (vertical double arrow). Then reorder things so the link is between an attribute and its associated text. Without a link, the text will appear whether the attribute has a value or not. The linked text can appear before or after (or both) an attribute. Text can also be linked to an attribute before and after the text. In this case the text will only appear if both attributes have a value.

The subtitle can be split into multiple lines of text if desired. Tap the Add button and choose Add Break to separate the subtitle into multiple lines. Keep in mind that the more lines you add, the fewer items you will be able to see at one time on the item list screen.

Icon / Item Colors

The icon can be chosen in one of three ways:

Color dot
Select a color and the icon will be a round color dot of the selected color.
This brings up the keyboard where you can enter any available symbol. The best option is to switch to the Emoji keyboard and select one of the many Emoji symbols. You can add the Emoji keyboard by running the Settings app then going to General, Keyboard, International Keyboards, and Add New Keyboard... Select Emoji from the list.
Selecting Image brings up the Icons screen where you can manage your icons and select one for this category.

Setting one of the three colors is done by tapping the option you wish to set and picking a color from the color chooser.

Conditional Colors

The Conditional Colors section works like most other editing screens. Tap the Add Conditional Colors row to add a new conditional color. Tap an existing row to edit a conditional color. Tap the red circle icon to delete one, and use the reorder handle to change the priority. Conditional colors are applied in order. If two or more conditions apply to an item and each sets a color, then the one lower down in the list will have its color applied.