The tools screen is used to perform various actions, change settings, and to contact support.



Data Transfer

Selecting Data Transfer brings up the Data Transfer screen. This provides several ways to get data into and out of MyStuff2.


Selecting Databases brings up the Databases screen. This provides the ability to manage your databases. Note: The ability to manage multiple databases is a paid upgrade in the standard version of MyStuff2.


Selecting Settings brings up the Settings screen. The Settings screen allows you set various display, sorting, and functional options.

Color Schemes

Selecting this option brings up the Color Schemes screen allowing you to select the default color scheme. You may also create your own color schemes. Note: The ability to create custom color schemes is a paid upgrade.


Selecting this option brings up the Purchases screen. This allows you to add additional functionality to MyStuff2 or restore previously purchased add-ons.

Current Database

Color Scheme

Selecting this option brings up the Color Scheme screen allowing you to select the color scheme for the current database.

Lookup Lists

Selecting Lookup Lists brings up the Lookup Lists screen. Lookup lists can be used by category and/or action attributes to provide pick lists for those attributes when adding items.

Passcode Lock

If you are storing sensitive data in your copy of MyStuff2 you can enable passcode locking. This works the same as the built in passcode lock except this only guards access to the current database. If you have multiple databases you can apply, or not, a different passcode to each database.

Please note that passcodes can also be set at the category level. You can use any combination of database level and category level passcodes.


This brings up a screen with several options for getting help with MyStuff2.

Tell a Friend

This option makes it easy to send an email to a friend letting them know about MyStuff2. If you find MyStuff2 useful please help spread the word. Thank you.

Gift This App

This option makes it easy to purchase a copy of MyStuff2 for a friend. This simply launches the App Store and brings up the page to begin the gifting process.

Contact Information

The Contact Information screen provides easy links to contact support or to get more information about MyStuff2.

MyStuff2 support is very responsive. If you ever have any questions, comments, or issues please contact support.

Help Information

This takes you to the main help index.

License Information

The MyStuff2 application was created with some 3rd party tools. The license screen shows licenses required by these tools.