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Mindersoft MYStuff Pro

The iOS/macOS app MyStuff2 Pro by Maddysoft is not affiliated in any way with the macOS app MYStuff Pro by Mindersoft. It has recently come to my (Maddysoft) attention that Mindersoft's app doesn't work under macOS Ventura (macOS 13.x) or later. I have also heard that their website no longer functions and attempts to contact them by email have failed.

These reports are based on emails I (Maddysoft) have received from a few Mindersoft customers looking for help with the macOS app.

Maddysoft is not in a position to help troubleshoot any issues you may be having with Mindersoft's software, website, or email.


The iOS/macOS app MyStuff2 Pro by Maddysoft is now capable of restoring a backup file made from the macOS app MYStuff Pro by Mindersoft. If you have a backup zip file created with MYStuff Pro, run the latest version of MyStuff2 Pro on your Mac or iOS device. On the Mac select the File menu then Restore Database. On iOS go to Tools, then Data Transfer, and select Restore Database. Then load your MYStuff Pro backup zip file.

Your existing records, pictures, and attachments should now be loaded into MyStuff2 Pro. Please note that Maddysoft has never used or seen Mindersoft's software so the conversion process may not be a perfect match. If there is any issue with the conversion process, please contact Maddysoft support so improvements can be made.